dimanche 13 novembre 2016

L'après Trump .. Une victoire pour les Animaux ?

Qu'on aime ou pas le Président-elect des Etats Unis, comme la plupart des vegans qui oeuvrons pour que les animaux soient épargnés et ne finissent pas dans les assiettes,  je reste mitigée .. Entre une Hillary Clinton, corrompue et ambitieuse, qui continue à ignorer les errances sexuelles de son ancien président de mari, soutenue par Sanders, un chasseur convaincu.. et Donald Trump, qui vend des viandes dans ses steak houses, et couvre sa femme de maneaux de fourrures,  mais qui promet de mettre fin au totalitarisme de l'Establishement..
Obama s'il n'a pas tenu ses promesses, s'il a été la cause de milliers de morts à la guerre a tout de même fait un petit peu pour les animaux, en interdisant les expérimentations animales, tout récemment.
Un article est toutefois .. perturbant, écrit par Roland Vincent, un vegan extrême qui voit dans l'arrivée de Trump à la tête du pays le plus puissant du monde un avenir pour les animaux : l'auteur voit dans le projet de Donald Trump de revenir sur tous les traités de commerce internationaux une chance d'épargner des millions d'animaux. En effet, l'importation des animaux pour leurs viandes et leurs fourrures provenat de Chine ou d'autres pays est d'une extrême violence, ce sont des billiards d'animaux qui n'auraient plus à être élevés dans les fermes d'élevages vers les USA si Trump tenait sa promesse.
Faute d'avoir le temps de traduire le texte, je le copie ici, avec le lien direct pour que vous puissiez le traduire avec Google.
Je vous laisse seuls juges - Lien direct The Most Victory Ever for the Animals
Electing Trump Will Be the Most Important Victory Ever for the Animal Movement
Electing Trump should be the primary goal of every American animal activist. It is more important than anything the animal movement has ever done.
The goal of the animal movement is to save animal lives and to end animal suffering.
But all of the work of all animal activists around the world only saves about a million animals per year, mostly dogs and cats.
That equals 50 million over the last 50 years. (A disheartening aside, that is about the number of animals that will be murdered in slaughterhouses during the next work shift.)
Most animal activists are shocked when I explain that Trump will save more animals each year than has the entire worldwide animal movement over the past 50 years.
And it is about half the number that President Trump will save each year by abrogating our trade agreements with Mexico, Canada, Colombia, China, Korea, Vietnam, Peru, etc.
Trade agreements kill animals. Hundreds of millions of animals every year die specifically because of our trade agreements, which make it cheaper and more profitable to produce animal corpses. Using Third World labor, US companies ship animals overseas to be tortured, slaughtered, butchered, and returned to the US for sale in American stores and restaurants. Trade agreements require that nations forbid Country of Origin labeling to prevent consumer boycotts. The Obama administration has already enacted such a ban on labeling. Trade agreements override US labor, environmental, and anti-cruelty laws. They make it impossible to ban live export for slaughter of for animal sacrifice in the Middle East, dooming hundreds of thousands of sheep, lambs, goats, and calves to imprisonment in ships’ holds for weeks before being cruelly murdered by religious zealots.
Trump opposes trade agreements. Hillary Clinton supports them.
And Trump has promised to repudiate and abrogate every trade agreement to which the US is a party.
If Trump does what he has promised, it will mean tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of animals saved every year.
It will be the most sweeping blow for animals in history.
And it will be accomplished by someone who does not really care about animals.
The animal movement has never had the possibility of accomplishing so much as it has with prospect of a Trump presidency.
Most animal activists who criticize Trump point to Trump’s serial killer sons who hunt big game and post horrific pics of themselves with poor creatures they have murdered for fun. And while Trump himself does not hunt, like Bernie Sanders, he condones and supports hunting.
Trump also owned a steak company and buys his wife furs.
At first glance, Trump seems an unlikely ally for animal activists, and an even more unlikely savior of animals.
But Trump, with the stroke of a pen, will save more animals than anyone in history.
Central to Trump’s campaign has been his opposition to trade agreements and his pledge to reject every one of them when elected. Under the Constitution, the president has the power and authority to cancel treaties, which trade agreements are. Trump will need no Congressional approval to cancel trade agreements, it is a power of the office.
Can anyone imagine Trump not exercising all the power at his disposal?
If animals are your priority, you have no choice but to vote for Donald Trump. But if you are like most people, you have priorities that are more important to you than the animals.
Most animal activists are politically progressive, and many are swept up in the euphoria of the prospect of electing the first woman as president. For those with such an agenda, the fact that Hillary Clinton is perhaps one of the greatest enemies that animals have is unimportant. Clinton’s support of trade agreements causes the suffering and deaths of hundreds of millions of animals each year, yet she manages to pay lip service to animal welfare concerns on her website and thereby silences many activists who do not take the time to carefully look at her policies or her record.
The litmus tests I employ for every election is which candidate will do the most for animals or which will cause animals the least suffering. Even Bernie supported hunting and dairy farms, so even the best candidate in the race was greatly flawed. Of Trump and Hillary, Trump has pledged to repudiate our trade agreements. When he does so, HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of animals will not be slaughtered each year. Think of that number! Every year Trump will save easily twice the number of animals as has been saved by the entire worldwide animal movement over the past 50 years!